I'm Back

Hey all, I haven't posted in nearly 6 months, and here's some of what has been going on:
- my wife and I had a baby. Kaylie Rain Agresta. If you like, you can check out some pictures at http://www.kaylierain.com/

- I was accepted into a Freelance Writer's Guild call the Were Cabbages. Mostly writing RPG, other game, comic and related prodcut, this wonderful, talented international crew publishes like mad. You can check them out and even subscribe to a what's new email at http://www.werecabbages.com/

- I've got my first publication coming out! Go me! It's a book called GM Gems and is written by a bunch of Werecabbages and published by Goodman Games. You can check it out here: http://www.goodmangames.com/4371preview.php.

- A few more pieces are coming out. With about 6 or 7 other Cabbages, we've written a city book with a working title of Azindralea: The Great City and it's going to be published by Mario Barbati of 0onegames. Soon, you'll be able to pick it up here: http://0onegames.com/catalog/

- I just submitted and adventure for Louis Porter Junior Designs, kicking off his new adenture line Sidetrek Adventure Weekly. I'm real pleased with this piece! Read more about it here: http://www.lpjdesign.com/ Last but not least, I'm working on 2 or 3 more projects that I'm not allowed to discuss just yet. Yay! Paid writing work. Big thanks to: Nic Logue, Tim Hitchcock, Greg Oppedisano and my wife Martha!

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