I can finally talk about the Great City Campaign Setting!

I've been dying to talk about this project, but its been under wraps. I'm one of a group of writers on a very original, intriguing and fun urban campaign setting called "The Great City" from 0onegames. It comes out the summer of 2008 and the first ads just hit Kobold Quaterly #4.

Ok, I'm biased for obvious reasons; but I really do feel this is a unique urban setting. We were given tremendous creative freedom, and I think it shows. Each of us was given a section of the city and let loose. Each writer is a Werecabbage, and we collaborated at every step of the way. Tim Hitchcock, our fearless leader, provided the center about which we all held (oblique Yeats reference intended).

On top of it all, the setting (contained in one book) is based on and accompanied by Mario Barbati's Ennie award winning maps and map systems. There is more coming down the pike, too, but I can't talk about that stuff yet (damn!).

Either way, this is the piece of fantasy RPG writing of which, to date, I am most proud.

When it's out, I hope some of you will let me know what you think!

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