What's Cooking?

Well, Goodman announced a project I was involved with (along with a passle of other Werecabbages -- http://www.werecabbages.com/), and I'm very excited about it. A book of advice and guidance on pimping out your PC. The book is called PC Pearls, and the link to their preview is: http://www.goodman-games.com/4372preview.html. I'm a writer on this one. Too busy with Sinister Adventures (http://www.sinisteradventures.com/) and some work for Paizo's Pathfinder Society to pitch in as a developer and editor. However, Rone Barton, Adam Daigle, Steve Greer, and Greg Oppedisano did a smash up job. My favorite for this piece was an article I had the opportunity to write with Clinton Boomer with a whole lot of input from Greg Oppedisano. We brought the infamous Bedlam Havok to life, and folks, you won't regret checking him (and his Pearls of wisdom) out.

Other things in the works I'm excited about are:

  • The Great City Campaign Setting from 0onegames (http://www.0onegames.com/) is rumored to be coming out this summer. This is just downright tasty.
  • Working on two somethings related for 0onegames that I can't talk about yet. Damn it.
  • Just turned in a piece for Paizo's Pathfinder Society (http://www.paizo.com/). Very excited about that one! Once its in print I'll tell you the name and where to get it.
  • Also working hard on the Known Universe Gazateer, Cold Black, and expect to see some Dark Horizons indulgences, hopefully in July! All at Sinister. http://www.sinisteradventures.com/
Thanks for tuning in!

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