Road to Revolution #2: The Bloody Fix

The Bloody Fix is out! This is number 2 in the Road to Revolution adventure path, set in the 0onegame's Great City Campaign Setting. In Road to Revolution, every author who wrote a Ward of the Great City Campaign Setting writes an adventure -- part of the adventure path but also usable stand alone -- set in their own ward.

I am seriously excited! Rone (aka The Jade) and I put our hearts and souls into this little number, and I think we've got something special for you -- if nothing else, a very unusual and versatile monster you'll be able to put at the BBEG heart of any campaign. But what am I talking about, "if nothing else"? Bloody Fix holds vengeance, and vindication, poetry slams, back alley ambushes, insult contests, double crosses, manimals, harlots, murder, mayhem and blood soaked mimes. It's got torture, pimps, sacrifice, fighting pits, uncontrollable fires, hallucinogens, mutilation and slaughter -- and it slams the PCS right into the middle of it all. What's not to love? Check it - I think we won't disappoint.

I'm pretty proud of this one, and Rone and I get to write another in the series, #4, in another month or so. I truly hope you enjoy and can't wait to hear how it went for you.

- Lou


Mark Gedak said...

The Grand OGL Wiki is a much better site than Mark's Meanderings.


Lou said...


Endzeitgeist said...

I just purchased the whole urban adventure stuff at the 0onegames-store (free color-handouts!) and just read "The Bloody Fix". Although I am really tempted to claim I disliked it [and claim my money back guarantee], "The Bloody Fix" just provoked the following reaction:

Oh my f-ing god, I love it.
You were justifiably proud. It is glorious. I absolutely loved it and I am so looking forward to reading more from you:
Lou and Rone, for all that is (un-)holy, never stop to write! Thank you very much for both your generous offers and the innovative plotline. *bows*

I'll be off now. I've got more "great city"-stuff to read!

With thanks,

Nic Logue said...

The Great City is DELICIOUS. Some of the best design work I've seen in years.