What's Coming Your Way

Hey all,

Just wanted to give you an update and let you know what’s coming your way:

I’m proud to say, Rone Barton’s and my urban-fantasy, supernatural whodunnit adventure, The Bloody Fix, continues to garner rave reviews. The latest words come down from Nicolas Logue and fellow Paizoan prashant panavalli. Phrases like “Best Urban Adventure I've Read in Ages ” and “Just plain Awesome..better than cup cakes” really make me blush. Thanks people! I’m just happy people are having so much fun with the piece. /brag off

Coming soon from 0onegames, Road to Revolution #3: Tides of Blood (the next issue of the Great City Adventure Path), by Adam Daigle and Greg Oppedisano. I’ve seen a sneak preview of this one people, and it’s classic!

After that, Rone Barton and I are up again with Road to Revolution#4: The Punctured Vein. This one is Rone’s creative lovechild, and wow! I may be biased (that co-author thing and all), but - wow. A regular battle royale roller coaster: urban intrigue, explosions, massive magical constructs, the temple ward at risk, dead goddesses, parades and riots, prophecy and you’ve never seen an alligator in the sewers like this one. Like I said, I’m biased, but has that ever stopped me from sharing a good thing?

Last but not least, coming soon, right here at RPG Aggression, an interview with Wolfgang Baur. From the early days of Dragon and editor of Dungeon under TSR, to Alternity and the Dark Matter setting, famed for Kobold Quarterly and an RPG Superstar judge – who hasn’t heard of Wolfgang? I dig into this illusive, RPG luminary’s dark and secret past. Who knew what hid in his closet? Drunken Hessians, mayhap? Check it out, right here, later this week!

Rock on, my friends, and never stop rolling!


LazarusReturns said...

It is a fantastic read. Great job!

Lou said...

Thanks, my man!

Rone Barton said...

You're one hell of an interviewer, Lou. It's like the two of you sat down for drinks and deep conversation, exposing the teensy clockwork of Wolfgang's innermost views.

"My Dinner with Wolfgang"

Incredible stuff.