Werecabbages Launch New Site, Aggregate Member Content

The Werecabbages, a freelance creative guild with more than forty of the most successful and promising RPG writers, artists and cartographers, launched a new site. The site aggregates content from members -- including Jonathan Drain's d20 Source, Troy Taylor's Gnome Stew, and the ineffable Atomic Array and RPG Countdown from Rone Barton and Ed Healy. Additionally it offers some RPG goodies for free (more posted all the time), and acts as a newsletter showcasing guild member's latest projects.

I'm a member, so I expect this post to aggregate onto the site, creating an infinite regress of self-referenced and redundantly repeated recursion.

My suggestion: check it out!


Louis Porter Jr. said...

FINALLY!!!!!! This is what I have wanted for a while. Thanks and good luck!

Lou said...

And I thought you wanted a puppy!


Yeah, it's pretty cool. Thanks for the enthusiasm!