New and Exciting #5

Hey folks, just a heads up about a few things coming your way...

1. 0onegames announced the Great City Players Guide. I had only a little development on the project, this time round, as I was occupied with other work; however, Tim Hitchcock lead the team as usual, and I've watched the collaborations in progress. Awesome. This book will rock! Classic adventure writer, Willie Walsh, is another behind the scenes brainstorm contributor, which may mean something to my fellow Grognards. This is also a great way to try out the Great City without straining your wallet.

2. Tom McLaughlin over at Mindstorm Labs has asked me to review the new Alpha Omega creature manual, "The Encountered: Volume 1" so that will be coming your way.

3. As many of you know, Supergenius Games is publishing a Call of Cthulu adventure by yours truly. I'm hoping for that in October. Very exciting!

4. You can expect another Rudis Review tied to a September Atomic Array podcast and blog carnival.

5. Last but not least, Nick Logue's Sinister Adventures, plans to release a piece I wrote to bring personal flintlocks to OGL 3x/Pathfinder RPG. Look for it as an Indulgence, over here.

Here's hoping that wets your whistle!

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Lou said...

Hi there William, you have a number of blogs. Which were you hoping I'd take a look at?