Necromancer Releases Slumbering Tsar!

Necromancer releases the first installment of Greg A. Vaughan's magnum opus, Slumbering Tsar in PDF!

We first learned about this 500,000 word - you read that right. Not an accidental extra zero. Five. Hundred. Thousand word -- beyond mega adventure into the realm and machinations of Orcus back in December of 2008. Necromancer and Paizo have since both wrestled with how to publish this...this...monolith...this planetoid of an adventure.

The answer is PDF in three parts. Part one just hit the virtual shelves.

I tasted a preview of this baby at Paizocon 09, and it's not to be missed! Vaughan -- a long-time fan favorite over at Paizo and an author with serious pedigree -- has a unique flair for breathing new edition life into that classic 1e feel. Suddenly, dungeons make sense. Villain machinations tie in, and cliched encounters blossom with originality. Vaughan adventures somehow reignite the essence of D&D while provoking the imagination, and now we have a half million words of it. With Orcus.

More about parts 2 and 3 as I hear. Gotta run!

*runs off to buy Slumbering Tsar*

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