New and Exciting #7: Great City Player's Guide

The Great City Player's guide is out and available -- for PFRPG/OGL/3x, this baby is sweet. While too swamped with other work to contribute directly, I did throw some ideas into ring. The Great City team far outstripped my meager imaginings. Building on the proven Great City authors, Tim Hitchock added new and veteran talent to the mix. Welcome to the player-centric innovations of powerhouse newcomers like Adam Daigle and the wild imaginings of the veteran of veterans, Willie Walsh. As the blurb says:

The sourcebook contains new races, residences in the Great City, taxation, religion, azindralean tongs, organizations, new core classes, new prestige classes, professions, feats, spells, Great City specific equipment, gaslight technology, weather and climate, calendar and days of the week, constellations and Auspicious signs and more.

A tasty addition to any campaign, whether or not you own the Great City Campaign Setting (an RPGNow Silver Pick) or the Road to Revolution AP.

Not to be missed, if I do say so myself!


Adam Daigle said...

"Powerhouse newcomer"...I'm flattered. Glad you liked the book Lou!

Lou said...

Well, you're not really a newcomer any more, are you? Yet you rain powerhouse.