It's a Boy!

This is not a gaming related post, but I'm a dad again! It's a boy. Malcolm Louis, 6 lbs. 15 oz. Mom and boy are both doing well. Dad is faint with thoughts of affording two college educations. :^)


Louis Porter Jr. said...

Congrat!!! And what a great name!

skeetyrbug said...

congrats man. Best wishes to all!

marry said...

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Lou said...

@Louis - Thanks, man! Not long for you now, right?

@Skeeter - Skeeter! Thanks and are you going to Gencon? I need a reprisal of your mad Irishman. Trying to get my bro there too.

@Marry - thanks!

skeetyrbug said...

Alas me laddy , there'll be no Mad Irishman from me at the wee Con this year. (that was the worst Irish accent I ever typed)

Im hoping to be in the Police Academy at GenCon time (can you believe THAT!??) so ill miss this year. Trying to make PaizoCon, but that may be a bust as well. Missing the crazy C"thu Lou flavored adventures though.

Take care and congrats on the little one!

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