The Road to Revolution: The Bloody Fix by 0onegames

This product is 64 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and ToC. (4 pages)

Introduction (4 ½ pages)
This section talks about how it is connected to the others in the series. How to tie it to the previous adventure. Background for the adventure. Plot Summery. Four plot hooks and a map of the over all area the adventure takes place in.

Starting the Adventure (7 ½ pages)
This section is the actual beginning of the adventure, starting with the PC's going to meet someone that wants to hire them. The plot is there are fight clubs in the city and the person hiring the PC's believe they are rigged to murder officers in the militia that take part in them. The man that hires them was a nemesis from the first adventure but it is not required to play it to play this one. Several other NPC's from the first adventurer also make appearances in this one.

There is also 5 hand outs, broadsides(news papers) of goings on in the city. A rumors table, of rumors the PC's might here around the city while the investigate things. This section also introduces a young boy to help the PC's out, he knows the city and the people in it well. They go into great detail how to use him, to annoy and endear him to the PC's all at the same time.

Part one The Investigation (22 pages)
This first section is a investigation into the fight clubs and looking for proof they are indeed being used to cover up murder. It begins with advice on how to help make sure the PC's take part and stay on track. It is very well done and very sandboxy, with plenty of advice on how to help keep things moving if the PC's get stumped.

There is 8 location based encounters, they may or may not involve combat depending on how the PC's handle things. There is also 3 event based encounters, one may happen several times.

Part two of the adventure (7 pages)
For reasons that are very good and should drive any PC into action. They head to one of the fight club nights during one of the fights to confront who the believe are the villains of the adventure. There is 4 encounters in this section and their will being fighting. There is some stuff going on in the background that really puts pressure on the PC's and a sense of urgency as well.

Part three of the adventure (8 pages)
They catch up to the person in charge of the previous section and find out where the real villain is. From there they go off to confront the real villain. I so badly want to talk about this section of the adventure but I really can't say anything with out spoiling it. It is just outstandingly well done. It also talks about how to end the adventure depending on how well the PC's did in defeating the “big bad guy” at the end.

Next is a new monster. (7 pages)
It is a very cool new monster. I can't and won't say anything about it other than it is a very clever idea and I am surprised no one had thought of it before. Or I have never seen something like this before and after reading about it, it seems so obvious. The reason I can't talk about it is I don't want to spoil the surprise.

It ends with a handout, ad, OGL and back cover. (4 pages)

Closing thoughts. I loved this adventure, I really did. It was a well done mystery with a lot of twists and turns that totally make sense once you know whats going on. Plus the PC's should figure out the whole story and the history to the adventure as well. It is well written, I didn't notice any obvious errors in the adventure. The layout was good, artwork was black and white and good.

The adventure is a pretty dark and mildly disturbing adventure. It is bloody, gritty and very sad in parts. If a GM pulls things off well and gets their players to emotionally invest with their characters in this adventure, I think it will be something they talk about for some time. The only downside for this adventure is. It doesn't work very well with evil characters, or players that are into hack and slash. This is a very story and RP driven adventure. There is a lot of location maps scattered thru out the book.

So whats my rating? Well I really have nothing at all bad to say about this adventure. I just loved it. So I am giving it a 5 star review. It should be noted while this is a 3.5 adventure there is free download for Pathfinder conversion.

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Rone Barton said...

A 5 star rating from Dark Mistress is high praise indeed! Thank you so much for your thoughtful read on our work.

It's really hard to talk about what's cool without spoiling the secrety secrets, ain't it? ;)