Legendary Items by Purple Duck Games

This product is 28 pages long. It starts with a credits, toc and intro. (1 ½ pages)

Legendary Items (19 pages)
There is 13 legendary items in this section. This is like the two previous legendary weapons books by Purple Duck Games. These are magic items that grow in power as the PC levels up. Below is a list of the items, I will give you a rough idea of the types of powers they have.
Aleowine’s Brooch – defense, social, disguise, hiding ones nature.
Blessed Book of Arboga - knowledge
Carpet of Worlds – flying carpet, plane knowledge, finding planer gates.
Copple Torg’s Phylactery – faith, keeps one from violating alignment, true seeing.
Dale Wind’s Harp – charm, dance, wake the dead.
Gof’s Hat – disguise, mimicry, detecting thoughts.
Horn of Discordance – sound attacks and bonus to sound music checks.
Phase Spider Cloak – spiders and stealth.
Soldier’s Bag – bag of holding, items in bag.
Sublime Boots – stealth, balance, swift, air walking and attacking.
Tesseract Stone – uber ioun stone.
Toolik’s Eagle Eyes – sight bonus, ranged weapon bonus. There is two version of this, other one has – animal shape, sight, attacks.
Wings of the Heaven – flying, resistance, smiting, detecting.

It ends with a OGL. (7 ½ pages)

Closing thoughts. I really liked this book. The art is black and white and nice. Layout and editing are good. The items where well done and interesting. There was also 2 stat blocks for creatures, 6 new spells, 1 new song domain all buy the items they are relevant to. I think I would have preferred the item referenced all that stuff and then put all the extra stuff in the back of the book myself. This is a clean simple text PDF with little color so very print friendly. Some of the items where mostly just items that just mostly did the same thing just better and better. Those was a bit meh. They was ok but I wanted more. Most of the items though had some nice variety to them which made them much more interesting.

Now I do have some bit more critiquing to say. This isn't bad this is just a personal opinion on the topic. The weapons had 10 levels of powers, these have 5. Which I liked to a point. But now that I have seen the two ways they are doing it. I would like to see some more variety. Like 5 levels for weapons, 10 levels for items. Also on the 5 level on they could be done in levels 1-10 or 10-20 instead of always broken up over 1-20. Basically I am saying more variety. I really think some of these items in this book would have been much color if they had been done like the weapons with 10 powers, most only needed the 5. So what's my rating? Well this is a well done book and if you like magic items your players won't replace as they get higher levels like me, then you will want this book. With that said, it is a good book, but it could have been even better. So I am settling on a 4 star review. I look forward to more such products with hopefully even more variety.

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