New and Exciting: Rappan Athuk Reboot

I spent many gaming years a Necromancer fan -- monsters especially --  and often when I my itch for a dungeon crawl overpowered me, I turned to Necromancer, too. That's a part of why I leaped off my lily pad on hearing Frog God Games -- the spiritual and gaming powerhouse successor to Necromancer -- decided to put out Greg Vaughan's 500k word magnum opus, Slumbering Tsar. Well you were all here for that, when we started talking to Greg and first goosed him to get cracking on delivering Slumbering Tsar. Now I'm hoping we can repeat some of that magic, because Frog God picked up the ball again.

Photo-fullThey're giving us Rappan Athuk.

With 20 additional dungeons.

Holy crap.

In some ways, I'm late to the party. Frog God is definitely giving us Rappan Athuk, and they've rocked their Kickstarter to prove it. I'm just hoping we can get them to give us the extra goodies!

For those unfamiliar with Rappan (from the Frog God Press Release): 
Necromancer first printed Rappan Athuk: Dungeon of Graves as a trilogy of adventures at the beginning of 3rd edition.  RA1:  The Upper Levels was one of the best-selling 3PP products of all time and served as the background and inspiration for The Slumbering Tsar Saga.  In the mid 2000s the three adventures were compiled and updated to 3.5 for release as a limited edition boxed set. Only 1,000 copies were created, and each was signed and numbered.  Unfortunately, demand and store orders far exceeded production and many, many fans were unable to obtain this exclusive, expanded, and updated edition.

Now with Frog God Games and the advent of Kickstarter, Rappan Athuk is once again being released, this time with nearly 20 additional dungeon levels bringing the total to over 50, and updated to both the PF RPG rules system and the Swords & Wizardry 0e retroclone.

Rappan Athuk may not be the world's largest dungeon, but it is very likely the most lethal. Now in circulation for a dozen years, the new Rappan Athuk book gives a new generation of fans a chance to live the mayhem and heed the old warning: Don't go down the well.
So they already met their $60k goal. What do we get for driving it off the mountain peak into low orbit? Well its all on the Rappan Athuk kickstarter site, but its additional modules, buttons, t-shirts, digital d20 pro map sets, Hero Lab files, dogs and cats living together!  The list goes on and on. Check it out. This project rocks!

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