Great City Campaign Free Preview - A Whole Ward!

Something I'm really excited about! I put a lot of heart and creativity into The Great City Campaign Setting (based on 0onegames' popular Blueprints line) -- with a ton of authors with whom I'm pleased and humbled to have co-written, truly -- and it comes out next week! The publisher put up one of the 6 wards of the city as a free PDF.

Here's the excerpt from the back of the book:
This sourcebook portrays a struggling mercantile colony ruled by the incompetent son of a brutal emperor. A city whose earliest citizens proudly trace their history back for thousands of years, but now struggle against social and political oppression; a city where a brooding underbelly of resistance fighters, and crime syndicates, and a proud but disillusioned military all wait for their lord to fail. It is a city where night cloaks the deviant works of social outcasts, mad alchemists, and corpse robbers.The Great City is rife with excitement, intrigue and adventure; dare your characters make it their home?

Ok, I've got to get back to writing one of my installments in the adventure path. I'm late. First time ever, and it stinks to be behind schedule!


Anonymous said...

Will have to check out the city thingy. Dark Mistress

Anonymous said...

You're a busy guy Lou! Congrats on the new blog. I look forward to reading it!

-Ask a Shoanti

Lou said...

Dark Mistress - I hope you do! I'd really love to hear what you think about it.

Mike - You're the best. Thanks for checking it out. I expect to write something worth reading at some point!