Ohmigod! It's out and its beautiful!

The Great City Campaign Setting from 0onegames is out! I'm so excited! Squee!

It's available in print and pdf, and its the first time an NPC of mine has been illustrated. Made me woozy with the happys!

Definitely, definitely looking forward to feedback and opinions; so, if you got 'em please let me know. Constructive criticism is always welcome, as there is no better way to improve. Let me know!


Tadow said...

Pretty good so far. I like how well the wards are designed. I haven't too much dug the blueprint stuff from o0nes but am glad it led to a nicely designed campaign setting so far.

Lou said...

Awesome! Glad you like it. What are some of the highlights that juice you up?

Anonymous said...

14 days since the last blog Lou... You're about due for another one!
: P

As soon as I pull myself out of this credit card debt I will be taking a gander at the GCCS myself.

All the best-

Lou said...

You are right! Look for another over the weekend.