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The other day I persued a private board where some other designers/writers sometimes hang, and I learned about a new podcast from the mavins who brought us the delicious Atomic Array. The podcast is called RPG Countdown, and its great. You can download it on RPG Now, direct from RPG Countdown , or on itunes.

What I wanted to share though, is a window into the zany mind of Rone Barton, co-creator of RPG Countdown and infamous for his Atomic Array rants.

Here's how I learned about the Countdown:

Post subject: Re: RPG Countdown is in effect
Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:36 am
Thank you for reading my fine print.
I posted this over at the RPG Countdown thread I started over at Paizo:Okay, as this thread has no readers I feel safe posting my innermost thoughts here....
"Dear diary, this morning was just like any other Saturday morning. As usual, my mother left one of her bras slung over the shower rod and I walked around with it on my head, imitating a varsity wrestler in the mirror as cartoons blasted in the background. I suppose the fact that I'm too old to get carded makes that a little weirder than it sounds..."
"But that's not the craziest thing! RPG Countdown, our two-episode old gaming podcast, briefly unseated the Dungeons & Dragons podcast tonight from the top position on the iTunes 'other games category'. I mean seriously... how did that happen? Apple's algorithms be trippin'."
"Anyway diary, except for that nosy salesman I had to hogtie in the basement and those four trips to Home Depot, today was a perfect day."

This guy always cracks me up! Check out RPG Countdown, its a great cliff notes to RPGs latest and greatest.

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Rone Barton said...

Thank you for the lofty boost, Lou! The air up here is so pure it must be heaven... and the warm feel of your supportive palms on my cheeks is heaven times two.

Very kind. :)