New and Exciting #3 (formerly "What's Coming Your Way")

Just a brief update for Great City fans. Rone Barton and I submitted our manuscript for the fourth installment of The Road to Revolution, the adventure path set in the Great City that to date includes The Skullcrackers, The Bloody Fix, and Tides of Blood.

We bloated on this one, so I'm not entirely sure what will survive editing; however, I think The Punctured Vein is hot! I'll keep you all updated when I hear more from the publisher, 0onegames.

Next up, some news from Paizo, when I can share it. Also, if you haven't already, check out Paizo's new community and professional licenses for PFRPG. This is an amazing contribution to the OGL movement, and a sign of the respect in which Paizo holds their fans. Lovin' it!

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