Atomic Array Witnesses 4e: PHB2 Sneak Preview

These guys never quit! They're shining the same insight and uproarious gamer humor into the realm of 4e with interviews and exclusives. Atomic Array is always a hoot. I never miss it.

Here's the summary from their site:

Episode 18 of Atomic Array got an exclusive sneak peak at Player’s Handbook 2 by Wizards of the Coast.

Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford invited us to visit Wizards of the Coast to talk about their latest book. Pathfinder published Ed Healy has been playing in a weekly 4th Edition campaign since the play testing days and wasn’t going to give up a chance to get a peek at the next core release for Dungeons & Dragons.

Ed’s Pick:
Saga of Old City by Gary Gygax
Rone’s Rant: Clutter
Listen to learn how you can win a copy of Player’s Handbook 2.
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