A Set Piece for Paizo

It’s out! Pathfinder #24: The Final Wish, by Rob McCreary is finally out. Aside from simply adoring Paizo Publishing’s latest AP, the Legacy of Fire, this one has my Set Piece in it.

Legacy of Fire rocks: foulest beasts, endless sands, Arabian Nights and Sinbad flavor, desert damsels – more distressing than in distress – what’s not to love? Imagine my excitement when, a while back, I won an internal contest to see who would write the final Set Piece in the AP. The publisher let me figure out what’s inside a genie bottle, and why genie bottles exist at all. Fun!

Then I learned this would be the last Set Piece Paizo published in their APs. Not so fun. Also a bit of responsibility – not that I wasn’t still excited!

However, it is starting to look like a pattern. First Nick Logue and I write the last adventure Dungeon magazine ever acquired, and then they canceled the magazine. Now I write a Set Piece for Legacy of Fire, and they cancel the Set Pieces. The good news: clearly, my curse is weakening – they didn’t cancel the AP!

OK. It was the final volume. But still!

Seriously, Legacy of Fire is tremendous. Gorgeous books, great writing. More D&D fun is tough to come by, and I’m proud to add a small bit to it.

As a contributing author I can’t, in fairness, write a Rudis Review on this one, but I can recommend it. Pathfinder #24: The Final Wish – Lou recommends!


LazarusReturns said...

Just finished your set piece and I can say with confidence you took something everyone knows about, a tale of the genie in a bottle and made it into something grand to read. It was truly a refreshing look at a concept abused and over used.

Bravo Lou bravo.

Now where is my dinner.

Lou said...

Wow. You make me blush. Thanks, my man! I'll tell you some things about it at Gencon. Hey - if you get the time, and I understand if you can't, post that as a review on Paizo? You'd make my day -- a second time!