Blogging Gencon 2009

The first day of Gencon draws to a close, and I thought I'd share some impressions and experiences. First off, the con is jam packed. The crowd is thick and the fans pumped. Myself, I'm taking things a little slowly this con, hanging with friends and associates.

We kicked of Wednesday night with a Paizo contributor party. I watched Nick Logue put Lisa Stevens in stitches as he went through nearly every illo in the PFRPG Core Rule Book and sketch in dialogue: "Holy crap. Do you see that?! Whose bright idea was this adventure? Put the wizard in front!" Very funny. Wednesday is usually the slow day. Friends gather, consume food, a few drinks and catch up into the late hours.

Today I hit the dealer floor. Crammed with gamer goodness. The line for the PFRPG Core Rule Book went around the booth, down the hall past the restrooms, out the hall and nearly hit the street. I saw people walking away with stacks of five and six books. Not wanting to wait on such a long line, I asked Jason Bulmahn if I should be concerned about a quick sellout, or could I come back later. He slapped his hand on a massive 10' by 10', chest high (on me, thigh high on him) display and said, "This is not a table." Books. Nothing but PFRPG Core Rulebooks. "But they should be gone by late Saturday, so don't wait too long."

I bought mine a few hours later.

Later tonight I host a Werewolf game at the Canterbury hotel for industry peeps, fellow writers and their family. Always a hoot, and I'm looking forward to it. Some of you stopped in for Werewolf at Paizocon. Much fun. At this one, Tim Hitchcock always loads up on the booze. Clinton Boomer does the entire dinner in a Christopher Walken impression. Rone and Ed take notes for roasting folks on Atomic Array, and we all gang up on the Paizo team and any other publisher we can get in our villager sights to lynch.

For those of you who haven't played Werewolf, its a party game. Lots of fun, and you can check the rules here: Werewolf Try it. It gets a 5 Sword Rudis Review!

More later tonight or tomorrow.

- Lou


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! This is the next-best thing to being there.

Keep 'em comin.


Lou said...

Your welcome!