A Coward's Life: Outrageously funny feats for 3x, OGL, & PFRPG

For the coward in us all, the talented Uri Kurlianchik delivered a few highly original feats to Kobold Quarterly's Friday Funny. With titles like Combat Looting, Human Shield, and Pathetic, how can you lose? Not just funny but eminently usable, I was so amused by these I thought all you 3x/OGL/PFRPG heads out there might like to check them out. Enjoy!


skeetyrbug said...


Hey, It's Skeeter. You planning on coming out this year for Paizocon? Im thinking about not signing up for any of the events if you are open gaming again. That was way more fun than the preset games (sorry Paizo, I call it like I see it). Anyway, hope to see ya'll in this neck o' the woods.

Lou said...

Hey Skeeter! Hopefully, I will. Bit of a financial question. I'll let you know as soon as I've got it figured. Thanks!

- Lou