New and Exciting #6

Supergenius Games announces Snows of an Early Winter, my forthcoming Call of Cthulu adventure. Over a hundred pages of creepy goodness in contemporary NY. SGG has also made a forum for questions available here. Jason Walton is handling the interiors, which is fan-fricking-tastic, I think. Can't wait for this to hit the stands, enter your hands, then disturb and entertain you.

Some newness in the Great City Campaign Setting and the Road to Revolution AP from 0onegames:
  • 0onegames now offers a free conversion of Skullcrackers to Pathfinder RPG (think 3e reloaded).
  • The complete Road to Revolution AP now available in one bundle.
  • And word the word is that the Great City Players Guide should be released soon.

More as I learn about it. Game on!

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