New and Exciting #12: A Frog God rises, Slumbering Tsar to print, and new reviews!

Some have undoubtedly heard the news: Slumbering Tsar, Greg Vaughan's half million word mega-adventure will see print. A whole new company formed just to tackle it (sic!), led by Bill Webb of Necromancer games with full support of Necromancer. Grognardia did a darn fine job of blogging it, so here's the link: Frog God

Also, keep your eyes peeled. I've some new Rudis Reviews coming your way: one on Zombie Sky Press' debut work and the latest Kobold Quarterly. Here's the preview: they rock.

And finally, dear faithful readers: keep the faith. Life has swamped yours truly lately (a new baby, a dog's passing, that stupid work stuff, the Razor Coast project), but my post pace should pick up, shortly. Thanks for hanging in!


Ed Healy said...

And I saw Snows on the shelf at End Game in Oakland today!

Lou said...