Sad News

Ronnie James Dio died today.

To which I say, aww shit. My teenage-self loved Dio's image-laden, angstasy music. One of the first concerts I ever attended -- and the first I ever saw with my younger brother -- was the Last in Line tour. Dio fueled my teenage rebellion when the Marianist brothers at my all boys Catholic high school confiscated my "Holy Diver" cassette on the grounds it encouraged violence toward the priesthood. Jack Black's paean "Dio...you must pass your cape and scepter TO ME! And another one for KG..." remains one of my favorite Tenacious D tunes. I still whip out the Dio on my iphone when I'm writing adventures. I suppose all generations go through this,: the icons of our youth pass away. Still. Shit and damn.

RIP Ronnie. Sing always of demons.

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