Gencon 2010 Day -- WTF? It's Saturday already?!

Wow.  What a Con.  Now I love me some Gencon, and I've attended since 2005, but this Gencon may be taking the cake.  Let's start with Thursday: I LARPed for the first time. Live Action Role-Playing: I admit I sneered at it.  I admit I felt relieved I could say to myself, "Ha! There's always a bigger geek." Then I thought about it and realized how wrong such a posture is to take, and I thought I should at least TRY something before I bash it.  How immature to do anything else.  Thus was born Gencon 2010's plan: my events this year are almost (almost) exclusively LARPs. Thursday was my first ever, brought to me by the good folks at BYOV, and I guess I'm growing up because I LOVED it.  Absolutely LOVED it.  I'm...I'm...oh my god... I'm a LARPer.  Yes!  Intrigue in the Court of Versailles under Marie Antoinette, complete with the fey as a competing power in Europe.  I played a Captain of the Royal Guard -- sworn servant of Prince D'Artois -- crass, a rake and dedicated to swaying the ladies.  Well I won't bore you with the story details -- or the spoilers -- but a fine time was had by all, and yours truly walked home with the MVP prize: my own beer mug.

Thursday night I hosted an event called The Annual Werecabbage Werewolf Dinner. Here a number of publishers have a chance to kick back and relax with their freelancers, lynch each other, talk smack and generally relax.  In attendance this year: Paizo Publishing, Super Genius Games and Rite Publishing.  One of my favorite lines came from Stan! who, in explaining his role in our little Werewolf haunted village, said "I'm the village idiot. I'm the werewolf..." (or words to that effect).  Having so many creative, funny, theatrical big personalities in one room, all persuading each other to hang anyone but themselves, is a sheer overwhelming joy to experience.  Special thanks to Werecabbage David Hall for MC'ing our Werewolf game.  Special hate goes out to Tim Hitchcock.  Why you ask?  Well, I normally MC this game as I have for the past few years.  This time I decided to play -- and woke up dead the first victim on the first night, care of Hitchcock. I'll get you, you Ennie winning bastard! 

Next year.


Steven D. Russell said...

Thank Lou we had an incredible time we hope you will invite us again next year (My wife had to buy the game at the con because of you guys.)

And maybe when we make a Lords of Gossamer and Shadow LARP version (its diceless its really easy to go freeform with the project).

Steve Russell
Rite Publishing

Lou said...

Awesome! Glad to hear it. I'm assuming you mean your wife had to buy Werewolf cards? Hah! Too bad we don't get a commission. :)

You want to make a Lords of Gossamer and Shadow LARP and/or Murder Mystery Dinner version, come talk to me!

Be well! It was a real pleasure meeting you.

Avianna said...

You dirty Larper! <3

Lou said...

I am. I'm a dirty dirty larper. Right now, I'm larping that you are soap. :)