Gencon Morning Day 1.5

Good Morning from Indianapolis!  It's day one, and we spent Wednesday night (.5) meeting and greeting, eating and fete-ing. A host of authors headed over to Bucca di Peppo for our annual Werecabbage Freelancer Guild dinner.  After that, the Paizo kick-off party, all winding down with late night drinks at the Canterbury hotel.

This is the time of the con where old friends take a moment to gather and laugh, drink and remember why they are such good friends. Since we 'see' each other only online, but intensely - especially when collaborating - this is a con ritual of great importance.  To finally be able to hug, slap backs, crack jokes, watch smiles brings a moment when a years worth of black-and-white text memories suddenly vortex through the mind and coalesce in the body of person slapping their knee across the table from you, solidifying them. Virtual friendships made real. Like your best buddy suddenly stepping out from the TV, into your living room.

Stepping off now is what I need to do, to the shower and then to my first event: D&D for Cash.  Wish me luck. Could pay for this whole trip!

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