101 4th level Spells by Rite Publishing.

This product is 32 pages long. The first 2 pages are the cover and credits, then it goes into the spell lists.

(4 pages)
Bards – 26 spells
Cleric – 31 spells
Druid – 22 spells
Paladin – 22 spells
Ranger – 14 spells
Wizard/Sorc was broken up by school – 66 spells
Abjuration – 8 spells
Conjuration – 7 spells
Divination – 7 spells
Enchantment – 11 spells
Evocation – 11 spells
Illusion – 5 spells
Necromancy – 5 spells
Transmutation – 12 spells

Next it gets into the spell descriptions. (23 pages) I counted a 102 spells but I might have counted wrong. There was a lot of spells I liked or just found interesting, some examples.

Armor Plating – You merge armor plates with your body for awhile giving you AC and DR with no armor check.
Bestow Affliction – permanently afflict the target with a curse like ability.
Blood Curse – Cause the target to bleed badly from wounds. Aka double damage. I love the spell but would have liked it if the spell did damage over time instead of a straight double to fit the fluff better.
Boorish – reduces the targets charisma to a 1 for the duration.
Chaotic Blast – does random attack, attack type random, area random, even damage random. It just seems like a fun spell.
Curse of Wanderlust – It causes a target to wander off in a random direction. Though the spell says permanent, it also says they must travel for 8 hours. So my guess is after traveling for 8 hours the spell ends but it is not perfectly clear.
Dying Vengeance – Cast when you well die. It cause Charisma damage each day if left unchecked. If it reaches zero the target dies and can never be rezed.
Escape Bonds of Flesh – Causes the target skeleton to try and tear free from the body. If the dmg done drops them to -10 the skeleton does just that and becomes a undead under the control of the caster. Horrific spell and I love it.
Eyes of Decay – Makes the target see the world as a hellish horrific place for the duration.
Multi-image – a advance mirror image.
Portrait of the Wanted – Caster draws a image of the last person to touch a object.
Prophets Eye – Lets you see, feel, hear, taste etc what the target does.
Subvert Charm – You steal someone else charmed subject, make them act as if you had been the one to cast the charm spell.
True Sacrifice – Caster dies and can never be rezed, but target is rezed.
Warriors Insight – Sorc/Wiz spell that boosts their BaB, dmg and AC for duration of spell.
Then there was some spells I was meh about.
Brilliant Weapon – turns the weapon into a energy based weapon that bypasses armor. I was meh about it because it is a sorc/wiz only, last only one round. That and I keep thinking light saber.
Confessions Hand – it forces someone to write out answers truthfully. I just thought it was a bit high level for what it does.
Last Act – Ignore any conditions including death for the duration of the spell. Why it is meh is cause it has a 1 round duration.
Secret Missive – Lets the caster add a secret message into text. Others can make a linguistics check to read it. My only problem with it, is it seems to high of level for what it does.

Closing thoughts, like the first three of the series it is a group of new spells. Just like before some of the spells are listed at other levels for classes as well, but all of them in the book is a 4th level spell for one class. The art work is fair to good, art by Claudio Pozas, Joe Calkins, and Hugo Solis. I didn't notice any errors and it was well written. Most of the spells are good, well done, interesting and fitting in power. There was a few more I thought was to weak or powerful to be 4th level but only a few. Though that is to be expected as the levels go up, things get more subjective. This one had less than the last one of spells I felt was to high or low and fewer spells I was meh on. So whats my rating? This time I am going to have to give it a 4.5 star.
The spells where good on par with the first two in the series.

Yours in Darkness
Dark Mistress

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