The Secrets of Divine Channeling by Rite Publishing

This product is 36 pages long. It starts off with cover, credits, and intro. (3 pages) I will admit I was a bit surprised to not see a ToC.

Chapter 1 – Classes (4 pages)
It starts talking about applying things to the cleric and then gets to the new class in the book.
The Divine Channeler – D8, 4 skill, Medium BaB, 2 good saves, simple weapons, light armor.
Class Abilities
Extra Channeling
Domain – The get more domains as they get higher level.
Critical Channeling – When scoring a crit with their gods weapon it does extra energy damage.
Energy Mastery – Immune to any channeling effects and can exclude anyone from their channeling effects.
They also gain several feats.

Chapter 2 – Feats (2 pages)
There is 8 new feats in this section.
Channel Blast – Release as a cone instead of burst if you wish.
Combat Domain Channeling – Uses the new domain channeling rules.
Double Channeling – Channel twice in a single round.
Enlarge Channeling – Use more channelings to extend the radius.
Improved Turn Undead – Just like it sounds.
Major Domain Channeling – Use the new domain channeling rules.
Maximized Channeling – Use 2 channeling to make one do maximum effects.
Heart of Faith – No need of a holy symbol or divine focus.

Chapter 3 – Domain Channeling (24 pages)
There is four new things tied to domains. It covers all the domains.
Sensorial Imagery – Effects who the channeling looks.
Minor Channeling Effect -
Combat Domain Channeling -
Major Channeling Effect – Each has two effects.

A Example of one of the domains.
Charm Domain
Sensorial Imagery – Pink and gold with a scent of flowers.
Minor Channeling Effect – One target you giant a bonus on bluff and diplomacy skill check.
Combat Domain Channeling – Can use it, to cause a daze effect. Will save.
Major Channeling Effect – Attitude Adjustment (Moves the attitude of all those in the area by one. Hostile becomes unfriendly. Get Will save.) Bother and Bewilder – All in area have will saves lowered. Fort Save.

It finishes with OGL, 1 page ad and back cover. (3 pages)

Closing Thoughts. The production values are top notch as to be expected from Rite Publishing. The art is fair to very good. The new class is interesting and designed to really take advantage of the new domain mechanics but otherwise just ok. The new feats are well done. Where the book truly shines is with the new aspects of domains, while I didn't always agree with every choice made for each domain. As far as effects, looks, powers etc. They was for the most part very well done and will really help make clerics stand apart even more from each other based on their god and domains. I loved this section and recommend the book on that alone. Granted it is the bulk of the book. I do have one disappointment though, the new sub domains are not covered. I really hope with the APG out that Rite Publishing comes out with a follow up book covering the sub domains presented in that book. That is really the only negative I can say about the book. So I am giving it a 5 star, which for a divine book is a first for me.

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