The Road to Revolution: Tides of Blood by 0one Games

The Road to Revolution: Tides of Blood by 0one Games

This product is 43 pages long. It starts with a cover, ToC, and credits. (4 pages)

Introduction (2 pages)
This is a urban based 7-9th level adventure. This section has a history, plot summery, how the adventure begins and a side bar. The side bar has information on how to link this with the previous adventure in the series depending on how the last one ended.

Chapter 1: Blood in the Gutters (1 page)
The opening encounter that gets the whole adventure going. I can't give away much since this is a adventure based on a mystery. I will say the PC's get attacked unexpectedly which starts the adventure, namely the PC's trying to figure out who had them attacked and why.

Chapter 2: The Set Up (2 ½ pages)
This section takes place in the Dockward, after the first encounter this is the direction the PC's will end up taking. There is a single encounter, some room for RPing and perhaps some unexpected help.

Chapter 3: Meeting with Royalty (2 ½ pages)
This section will likely be a RP only section, though there could be combat depending on what the PC's do exactly. It is interesting and really sets up other parts of the adventure and ties other parts of the city together. It helps make the city feel like a living breathing city.

Chapter 4: Dinner with … (1 ½ pages)
Here the PC's meet another NPC to gather information. While there could be combat just like the last chapter, it should just be a heavy RP scene that sets up further things. I left the full name of the chapter blank so as not to spoil the things.

Chapter 5: Lost their Mittens (1 page)
This is another RP scene that leads directly to the next chapter.

Chapter 6: Church of the Damned (6 ½ pages)
This part is a mini dungeon crawl. There is 4 likely encounters in this section the PC's are likely to face.

Chapter 7: The Recovered.... (½ page)
This section is a RP scene that follows the last chapter once the PC's have recovered what they went looking for and are sent directly to the next chapter.

Chapter 8: On the Trail of... (11 ½ pages)
This chapter is another mini dungeon but much larger than the first one. There is some possible RP to be had but it is more leaning towards a dungeon crawl. There is 22 keyed locations and a possible 17 encounters, including traps.

Chapter 9: The Finale (2 ½ pages)
Here the PC's race against time to stop the final act in the adventure. There is 2 rather large encounters in this section. It ends with a section on wrapping the adventure up.

Appendix( 4 ½ pages)
This section talks about people that live beneath the streets of the city, a new PrC the Sewer Runner, which I believe is in their Players Guide to the great city. There is also a sample stat block for the PrC and a new monster, the Siluri with a full stat block.

It ends with a OGL, back cover, and ad (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. The artwork is black and white and averages from fair to decent. The maps are solid and pretty good, they get the job done. Layout and editing where good, I didn't notice any major errors. The adventure takes place with in The Great City campaign setting, all with in the Docks Ward section of the city. It would be fairly easy though would take some work to drop it into another city of the GM's choosing.

The adventure has a nice mix of RPing, mystery solving, dungeon crawling and thrilling heroics. There is a little something for just about any player to get excited about and times for any PC to shine. I really liked this adventure, but to be fair adventures with a nice mix of elements always appeal to me. So what's my rating? Well I really couldn't find any real flaws and the adventure is well written. So I am going to give it a 5 star review.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

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