The Razor Coast Kickstarter is Off the Hook

Commander Bonedeuce aboard the Pride
Ok, the value Frog God Games is offering on the Razor Coast Kickstarter just got a little gonzo. I'm pumped. If this goes through I'll get to work with Frank Mentzer. How unbelievably wild is that?!

But now I can talk about it: new Razor Coast adventures from Rich Pett, Owen KC Stephens, Gary McBride and Tom Knauss. Indulgence Material converted and rebalanced for Pathfinder.

John Ling and I have been writing a ship-to-ship combat system that let's you fight your ships like Master and Commander, but EVERYONE gets to have fun every round.

New monsters, new feats, new spells, new...everything!

The book busts 350 pages, now. And it's frickin' beautiful. 

Please share the good news, for me and help this make the rounds.


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