The Doldrums

I am in the doldrums these days. Or as one of my favorite old Sam's once wrote:

Day after day,
day after day,
We stuck, nor breath nor motion;
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean.

And that's definitely me, sans the whole eternally cursed to undeath bit. I've no new projects launched, nothing in print, nothing to crow about. I sat down to write something keen and insightful on role playing or fiction and...nada. Ancient mariners.

On the other hand, lots of things in the works. Over at Sinister Adventures, we're waiting on art from an amazing artist (name withheld for greater, later impact). Then I'll be able to finish editing, and we'll issue Dark Horizons Indulgences -- in which you scifi fans may indulge. For those not in the know, Indulgences are short, self-contained, inexpensive PDFs that will jazz your game as they introduce you to the Sinister universe.

Also for Sinister, Nick Logue and I are still cranking away on Cold Black, and the Werecabbage powered Known Universe Gazetteer (or as we talk about it behind the curtain, the KUG) isn't far around the bend. Hang in there loyal fans. I know its been a rough ride, especially with Meister Logue translocating to UK-land, but we will deliver, and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Simultaneously, I'm also working on two adventures for 0onegames as part of of their Road to Revolution campaign arc. I'm co-writing all 50k words with illimitable Rone Barton, my fellow Werecabbage and known to those of you in Paizo land as "The Jade". With Tim Hitchcock developing and Dave Hall editing, these adventures should kick some @#$%@#%!
Here's a link.

To celebrate 0onegames has created some free, downloadable Revolutionary wall paper, here. My two faves are the Jerusalem like shot of the Great City over water and the defaced "The Goat" proclamation.

For those of you who own the Great City Campaign Setting, don't miss Tim Hitchcock's outrageous and brutal, truly masterful intro adventure A Pound of Flesh. This one is not to be missed. Hell, even if you don't own the GCCS, Pound of Flesh rocks!

OK - this one really is for those of you who own the Great City Campaign Setting, especially Paizoans. There is a head nod to Rone in my Residential Ward section. It's a pretty obvious one if you hang on the Paizo boards, but after I made the allusion, I learned that Rone really had been both of those things. Check it out, you'll get what I mean.

Other things in the pipe include a ............ for .............., that has yet to be announced. However I'm very excited about it! And last but not least, I've been entering a ............. only RPG writing contest for ............. Haven't won one yet, but I'm still striving.

Crud. Damn censors at work again.

As with many of us, RL is kicking my butt, but I'll try to keep you all better posted. And even write up those keen insights to which I alluded earlier. Just have to get this damn Albatross off my neck!


Elizabeth said...

Hooray! Can't wait to get the Road to Revolution in my hot little hands. The Great City Campaign Setting will be purchased tomorrow! Oh yes, it will...

New artist you say, for Sinister? Oh my! Goodness and such! :D

Lou said...
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Lou said...

Awesome! I think you'll really enjoy the GCCS. Please let me know what you think. And yep. New artist. I really love this guy's work, and I've had my eye on him for well over a year. I'll leave Nick to make the introductions, but there is a funny story behind his signing up with us. I'll share after the new art makes its appearance.

Also, our Dark Horizons indulgences will again feature the wild and crazed art of Richard Clark.