Atomic Array Interviews Great City Creators!

Atomic Array -- the hottest new gaming and all around awesome podcast show -- interviewed Tim Hitchcock, lead designer on the Great City Campaign Setting and both myself and John Ling, writers on the Great City Campaign Setting. John and I re-ignited our (previously) behind-the-scenes design argument. I, of course, was right. :^)
Seriously, I think its worth checking out. Atomic Array is always a great show. Here's what they had to say for themselves about this episode:

The Great City (Atomic Array 008)
0one Games publishes some of the BEST maps you’ll find in any gaming product, from any company, anywhere. They will, we assure you, blow your mind.
About a year ago, Mario from 0one asked Tim Hitchcock to flesh out one of those maps: ‘
The Great City‘. Tim grabbed five of the Cabbages and set to work creating a complete urban campaign setting. Rone was one of those designers, so this is a special episode for us. Listen in to hear Tim and Rone edumacate Ed about the fruits of their year-long labor.
Visit 0one Games:
0one Games.com

Ed’s Pick
The Memory of Earth, by Orson Scott Card.

Rone’s Rant
Rone’s broken -dar…

We wrap up our SECRET CODE CONTEST, during which we give away $25 gift certificates, good at Noble Knight Games, to ten lucky winners. And finally… we tell you how you can win a copy of The Great City.
* * * * *
There is a lot more to The Great City than we could fit into this one episode. Feel free to ask questions, or leave a comment on the site. You can also share Atomic Array with a friend, or contact us directly. In fact, we’d love to hear what you think about The Great City. Tell us what you like (or don’t), and what you’d like to see from 0one Games in the future.

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