Blogging Paizocon - Photographic Interlude

Some pictures I thought you'd all enjoy.

Sunday Werewolf game. Gavgoyle aka "Wolfman", Lilith, Cosmo (Paizo customer service), Timitius

The Lovely Miss Em and Liz Courts!

I told you I'd do it!

Josh Stevens, Scott Gable, Me, Ed Healy, Em & Boomer, Shirak, and Ashton


Anonymous said...

I loved that sign soooo much!

-Miss Em

Louis Porter Jr. said...

I think I love you just a little bit more Lou!

Lou said...

Aw! Thanks, y'all. Josh Frost didn't need me for all that much, because he had so many volunteers. So this was just a funny way to give back some fun. "Will Game for Food" led to a 9 hour game of Rone's and my The Bloody Fix (0onegames), wherein the party finished the adventure. I was pretty impressed, expecting to need 2-9 hour sessions! Fun was had by all. You need to come to some of these cons LPJ!