Blogging Paizocon - Sunday - The Late Edition

I feel I've held off blogging about Sunday because, well, it was Sunday. Last day of Paizocon, and, as usual, the end-of-con-blues crept in. The crew shut down the booths. Everyone moved a bit more slowly. As the day rolled on, more shoulders slumped, fewer people roamed the halls. Goodbyes everywhere.

Best thing to do is grab a game! We grabbed a Call of Cthulu game run by James McKenzie (Sir Wulf). I adore James and his writing. His Cthulu games are intricate and detailed, rich with history, and peppered with interersting NPCs. We went pulp. Skeeter and Shirak played twin Irish brothers. Ms. Em was Ms. Porter, a linguist whose delicacy was all an act and who'd as lief speak with her sword cane -- in your back. Myself, Greg Ragland, and this awesome dude whose face I can see but whose name now escapes me (Damn you, memory!) played Indiana Jones type professors with varying degrees of ethics (or lack thereof) and many guns. Set in Egypt in the 30s, Wulf writes pulp Cthulu like no other!

Unfortunately, it was an 8 hour game, minimum, and we had to bag after 3 or 4 hours. This con's goodbyes proved especially difficult as I had a plane that day and a 7:45pm pickup. My advice, oh con goers: always arrive earlyish the night before and leave the day after. Less hassle, cheaper plane flights, more time with friends -- especially during that exhausto-relaxed after-con crash.

As it was, we had just enough time to grab some good-bye Sushi with Sir Wulf, Shirak, and Em. On the return trip we bumped into a great crowd at the Pumphouse (tons on tap, all the food fried) : Ed Healy, Neal Spicer, Greengrunt, Gavgoyle, Boomer -- on whom we deposited Miss Em his GF -- Jason Nelson, and more. Semi-drunken goodbyes all around.

Sitting at the airport alone depressed me, so I'll stop here.

More pictures to come! Maybe video too. Bye Paizocon II!

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