Unofficial Slave Pits of Absalom: Redux

Recently, at Paizocon, I had the good fortune to meet Rob McCreary, author of Legacy of Fire #6: The Final Wish, in which my first set piece appears. Rob mentioned that he used some of the unofficial variations on PFS#8: Slave Pits of Absalom that I posted here, and his group enjoyed it. That was awesome, but when I asked how they liked the alternate, non-canon version of the Slave Pits I'd designed, Rob raised an eyebrow. D'oh! I never posted that stuff up here. Shame on me. So, Rob, as promised here 'tis, 2 files. Maps and original draft as submitted.

Original Draft Maps
Pre-Editorial Slave Pits of Absalom

I'd just like to state again that NOTHING IN WHAT FOLLOWS IS AUTHORIZED, ENDORSED, OR OTHERWISE SUPPORTED BY PAIZO. AND NONE OF THESE IDEAS OR MATERIALS ARE FOR USE IN PFS OR ORGANIZED PLAY. This is just me posting up some cool stuff for people to play around with at home. It's not canon, it's not anything. Shites and gigglies, nothing more.


PS Won't someone please tell me how the mammoth plays out?! I'm dying here - no one has ever reported trying it.

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