Blogging Gencon 2009 - Part II

It's the morning of the day after, and Gencon 2009 rolls along. Thursday was an amazing day. I spent much of it on the exhibitor floor meeting publishers. I finally met Stan! of Supergenius Games who hired me for a Call of Cthulu adventure due out for Halloween. I'm still hunting Hyrum with no luck, but I'll find him! Had a chat with Mr. Gareth-Michael Skarka of Adamant, whose first ever Pathfinder supplement is rocking the charts. I met Aldo of Impressions Marketing. All in all, a fantastic time.

For adventure, my brother Shirak and I sat ourselves down in Battle Pods and spent nearly an hour blasting away in a Mech free for all. Launching rockets, firing lasers, rattling chain guns. Dying. Well me, anyway. I died frequently, which brought the fun to others' kill lists so who cares, right? *grins shakily while hand shakes and visions of fireballs cross his eyes* Right?!

The evening capped with a dinner I host at the Canterbury hotel. Most of the Paizo crew were there, as well as many of my fellow freelancers. We ate, drank, and merrified. Jugs of Alcatraz brew graced our table as we played Werewolf, accusing and lynching each other into the wee hours, nearly 30 strong. There were so many highlight moments, its hard to recall them all, but I'll see if I can't get some pictures up later in the con.

Nothing ends a night at Gencon like gaming until 5am. And nothing tops gaming like Marvel Superheroes run by Nicolas Logue! The table held Greg Vaughan, John Stavropolous, Tim Hitchock and other awesome folks, all struggling to survive in Freak Town, the burnt out mutant ghetto in Logue's Watchman/XMan like future. The mutant registration act breathing down our necks. Awesome!

Well I'm off to some breakfast, locating/waking friends, climbing back into a mech to practice so I can blow said friends into fire-y balls of death, hunting down a game of Terror Werx (more on that tomorrow), and generally returning to the maze of fun that is GENCON 2009!

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