Blogging Gencon Part III

Rushing off to a meeting, but I wanted to fill everyone in on Friday. A great but exhausting day! After staying up to 5am playing in Nick's Marvel game, I slunk toward the convention hall around 10am the following morning. Enthused but subdued -- until the next game followed by an awesome seminar on characterization with Michael Stackpole. Moving on to a little friend-coordination and registration-wrassling, we secured a game of Terror Werks on Sunday (I'll fill everyone in after the game), and that made it time for some lunch.

On the floor, things had slowed a bit at the Paizo booth, but this is normal. Saturday (today) will be the real test. You see, most people who want a product - and know they want it - pick it up the first day. The undecided and those who first see the product at the con need a few days to think about buying. As a result, sales in the middle of the con typically slow, followed by a mad rush to the tables and booths on Saturday and Sunday For example, I plan to do all my gift shopping on Sunday, because who wants to carry all that stuff around?

By the by, I've my eye on a big plushy d20 for my 2 year old. Or maybe that huge Super Cthulu? So hard to decide. So--ooooh, shiny!

My evening was a blur of business meetings, but all fruitful, and then some relaxing and chilling. Which never lasts long. Before you know it, calls come in: "Hey, I'm running a Pathfinder game. Wanna play?" And, once more, I'm up late. 3am this time, which most lame, but what can I say? I'm an old grognard.

Definitely looking forward to tonight: I'm hosting an Open Gaming invitational at the Canterbury, and we expect to game until dawn!

I'll be sure to tell you all how it went tomorrow. Back to the con!

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