Cthu Lou in Print

My scenario, Snows of an Early Winter, made it to print. Tasty!

Regrets for the lack of activity. I've been terribly busy: proposals for more Cthulu, proposals for swashbuckling adventures, proposals for two comics (keep your fingers crossed) including a completed script. Plus, my wife is due in March, the run-up for which is keeping life busy.

And I dislike the winter. It makes everything tougher. *sigh*

Some sweet reviews coming your way, soon. Might be computers and Cthulu. *whistles*

Game on!


Unofficial Call of Cthu-Lou: Snows of an Early Winter

A couple of folks popping around the Yog-Sothoth board were wondering about maps and referents for my new Call of Cthulu adventure, Snows of an Early Winter. In response, I promised I'd post a few of the diagrams and pictures I used to keep myself honest while writing, and here they are:

A chicken killing machine

Some shots of the Temple of Dendur:
Shot 1
Shot 2
Shot 3
Shot 4

The Park Avenue apartment I had in mind:
Interior 1
Interior 2
Interior 3
Interior 4
Interior 5
Interior 6

Map of the Park Avenue apartment I had in mind:
Floorplan 1
Floorplan 2
Floorplan 3

An awful, awful encounter sketch in Central Park, with sundries.

Hope this enhances everyone's fun -- even if you just laugh at my bad sketch.


PS I'd just like to state again that NOTHING IN WHAT FOLLOWS IS AUTHORIZED, ENDORSED, OR OTHERWISE SUPPORTED BY SUPERGENIUS. This is just me posting up some cool stuff for people to play around with at home. It's not canon, it's not anything. Shites and gigglies, nothing more.


Snows of an Early Winter makes RPGCountdown Top 10

Snows of an Early Winter came in #9 on the RPG (top 10) Countdown. This is a bi-weekly podcast that tracks the hottest sellers in the RPG universe. By my understanding its the only show out there attempting to make an honest, analytical assessment of the industry's top sellers. I'm really stoked. Check it out!