It's a Boy!

This is not a gaming related post, but I'm a dad again! It's a boy. Malcolm Louis, 6 lbs. 15 oz. Mom and boy are both doing well. Dad is faint with thoughts of affording two college educations. :^)


New and Exciting #10

Paizo just released Mark Moreland's (of Pathfinder Wiki fame) first Pathfinder Society Scenario, The Pallid Plague. It looks so sweet I had to post! Some of you may know Mark as Yoda8MyHead on the Paizo boards. Whether you know him or not, I think you should get to know his PFS work. It's bound to rock and there are more to come!


Announcing a little RPG Design Challenge

Just a note to let you know two things:

1. I've taken over editing Sinister Adventure's Razor Coast and am ferrying it to publication. It's a big task, but someone's gotta do it. You can read about that here, as well as check the latest updates. At this point we've got our proofreaders and are well into the project. In the link, I've thrown out some notes about the editing and publication cycle that might interest those with the rpg publishing yen.

2. Perhaps more importantly, I'm running a little contest to see who can produce the best, short d20 ship-to-ship combat rules with an Age of Sail feel. You can read about the details here, but the short of it is: 5,000 words; no player sidelined; must be OGL compliant; entry due by the end of March; winner to be included in the Razor Coast core book and perhaps receive other prizes (TBD).

Game on!


New and Exciting #9: Lou gets Sinister

Just a quick note to say I've taken the task of midwifing (sp?) Nick Logue's Sinister magnum opus, Razor Coast. This means editor and production manager. Read about it here.


New & Exciting #8: Whats Up with Lou (Sort of)

This is going to be a weird post, because I'm not yet permitted to be specific about many of the new and exciting things in my RPG life. Additionally, about half of what's going on is in the form of proposals. Nonetheless, I don't want weeks without an update, so here's what's going on to the extent I can discuss it:

1. Greg A. Vaughan and I submitted a proposal for a 2-part adventure to a publisher we admire. With luck, a Greg Lou collaboration prepares to ambush my future.

2. I was asked to submit and submitted a proposal to a prolific Cthulu publisher. With luck there may be some more Cthulu in my future.

3. I'm in talks with another publisher about a sandbox campaign setting.

-- see what I mean about how informative this all is? --

4. I've committed to running a larg-ish tournament at Gencon this year, provided the event receives convention approval.

5. I actually started the novel I've been planning for so long I'm embarrassed.

6. I'm in the process of writing six short scripts for a not-to-be-named comics publisher, covering two original storylines. This isn't a done deal, but keep your fingers crossed.

7. I've taken on the editorial, co-ordination, and publishing task to help Sinister Adventures deliver their overdue, flagship project Razor Coast.

And my wife and I are expecting a baby boy in mid March!