Best Selling Author Finds Perfect RPG

Best selling historical fiction author, Scott Oden (Men of Bronze 2005, Memnon 2006), finds, in his opinion, the perfect RPG for adventuring in Rome: Life and Death of the Republic.

It's quite a review and well worth reading - as are Scott's books - as is this RPG - as is *boom*

That was my wallet exploding as I run off to buy all this cool stuff. Check out this review at your own risk.

Game on!


New and Exciting #11: Pathfinder Modern/Future Patronage Launch and Zombie Sky Press

Zombie Sky Press debuts. Check these guys out! There's some real gaming brilliance here. With writers like Scott Gable, Uri Kurlianchik, and Clinton Boomer on the team, how could they not!

Also, just thought I'd let everyone know that Supergenius Games, publisher of my CoC adventure Snows of an Early Winter, launched a patronage project to tackle a no-holds-barred Pathfinder Modern/Future core rulebook. Their aggressive patronage goal: $70k. Patrons start at $5 and run up to $5000, with $50 being the expected contribution. Patronize higher than $50 and all sorts of special goodies kick in: contribute to the development, get things signed, get iconics designed after your character, be a recurring villain. Lots of goodness. Right up to $5k which earns what everything all the way down to the $5 patron AND the designer shows up at your house to hand deliver your book and runs a game for your friends. Good stuff. Learn more here and here.

Patronize it here: