Advanced Options: Oracle's Curses by Super Genius Games

This product is 6 pages long. It starts with a cover and intro. (1 pages)

Next it jumps into the new curses. (3 pages)
Addict – addicted to something not good for you.
Ailing – always sick, pretty bad one but you gain more bonus spells to offset it.
Amputee – missing a hand, a few bonus spells
Convulsions – have convulsions anytime you roll a 1. I would have liked a a mechanic added for a chance per hour or something for social situations as well when not rolling dice.
Drunkard – Your a drunk.
Frail – suffer negative effects if reduced to less than half hp or take ability dmg. Gain 1 skill per level and a new class skill 3 times over the course of the class.
Insomniac – have trouble sleeping and often fatigued, but is less likely to suffer from fatigue and exhaustion from other sources as they are use to living this way. Again I would have liked to have seen a DC check for a typical night with broad locations. Such as urban, woods, etc.
Misshappen – have a twisted body, penalty to CMD checks, gain bonus to intimidate and later gain ability to demoralize foes.
Peaceful Soul – you dislike violence penalty on attack rolls and no AoO's but gain AC and concentration bonuses.
Provocative – You are pretty and invoke lust in others, others gain a bonus to use non lethal dmg on you. You may use a bonus to diplomacy rolls but if you do and fail it backfires.
Squeamish – If you cause dmg to others you become sickened, but you get bonuses on healing others.
Star-Crossed – Anytime you roll a 11 on a D20 it counts as if it was a 1. Gain bonus spells.
Unbelievable – No one ever believes you, suffer penalty on social rolls, but gain bonus to sense motive.

Next is new feats that deal with oracle curses. (1 page)
Accursed – Gain bonus to resist other curses.
Second Curse – gain a second curse both the good and bad.
Suspend Curse – by giving up spell slots can temporally suppress the curse.
Variable Curse – Select 5 random curses roll once every day for which curse you have. On a 6 your get two. Because you are so cursed all of your spell effects are cast as if you was one level higher.

It also have a section on how to use the curses for other things. It finishes with a OGL.

Closing Thoughts. I love the idea of the new curses. For the most part I like the curses in this book. There was a couple I felt needed a bit more, to really make them shine. The feats I mostly felt where a little weak, I just have trouble seeing most players wanting more than one curse or random ones even with the gains. Suspend and Accursed being the exceptions. The art is all of the cover girl what there is of it. I don't have a problem with the art but some people might. It is very much cheese cake art, which I personally don't have a problem with but I know some people do. Unless SGG did it on purpose in a tongue and... cheek... manner. So my rating is a 4 star, good product but I felt with just a bit more effort it could have been even better.

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