Dark Mistress Speaks: The Eamonvale Incursion by Frog God Games

This product is 224 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and ToC. (3 pages)

Next is a Intro which gives a over view of the region and the adventure, ending with a full page map of the region. (6 pages)

Chapter 1 – Broadwater (48 pages)
Basically a city guide to the city of Broadwater. There is over 40 locations several of them very interesting and could be easily adapted to any city. Or the city could just be used in any setting if the DM needed a city.

Chapter 2 – Broadwater Mystery Elements (30 pages)
There is several pages of rumors, social encounters, and combat encounters. All told there is more than 30 encounters many of them possibly leading to chases in varies locations.

Chapter 3 – The Slave Warrens of Underbluff (12 pages)
A more mini dungeon crawl.

Chapter 4 – The Eamonvale Trade Road (4 pages)
A overview of locations alone the trade road.

Chapter 5 – Trade Road Mystery Elements ( 8 pages)
Rumors PC's can hear on the trade road and several encounters of varies types.

Chapter 6 – A Brigand's Swamp Kingdom (19 pages)
Another mini dungeon, though with a possible twist.

Chapter 7 – Fagan's Hollow (10 pages)
Map, locations and information about the town.

Chapter 8 – Fagan's Hollow Mystery Elements (9 pages)
Rumors PC's can hear in the town and many encounters of varies types.

Chapter 9 – The Elven Forest Nation (19 pages)
Overview of the elven nation, the forest and several encounters.

Chapter 10 – The Battle for Broadwater (5 pages)
Final encounter of the adventure.

Appendix 1 – NPCs (34 pages)
Stat blocks for all the major NPC's and monsters in the adventure. Broken up by area for better ease of quickly finding their stat blocks. There is also a very nice 1 page of tables for creating random caravans.

Appendix 2 – Magic Items and Spells (2 pages)
6 new magic items and 3 new spells.

Appendix 3 – New Creatures and Templates (10 pages)
Several new monsters and creature templates.

Appendix 4 – Optional Chase Resolution Mechanics (5 pages)
new rules for resolving chases. Including some random tables for obstacles. I am unsure how well it works as I have not play tested it, but I am looking forward to trying it out. This was one of the few errors I found a error. On the common movements rates and encumbrance table, at the medium row every thing has shifted to the left one column. It is still easy to read once you notice it. But still a error.

It closes with a OGL and back cover.

Closing Thoughts. I liked this adventure it is very similar in style to The Grey Citadel. A lot of social and skill based interaction, part dungeon crawl and part investigation. It is hard to say much about the adventure since part of it is a mystery the players in theory should try and figure out whats going on. I will say if you liked the first one you will like this one just as much. The artwork is good.

This is very much a sand box style adventure. The PC's can pretty much go anywhere and do anything they want in what ever order. The only set thing is the final encounter. Even then the PC's could still go explore the area's they skipped if they do the final encounter first. I loved the adventure but the price is a little high 35 dollars for the print and PDF or just 23 for the PDF only, not counting shipping. While worth the price I just can't give it a 5 star with the price. So I am giving it a solid 4 star.

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