Endzeitgeist's Start a Campaign for Free Update

Hey everybody,

just to give you a quick update: Rite Publishing has made one of its excellent race-books for the Questhaven setting available for free! The Wyrd of Questhaven can now be found for free on drivethru-Rpg. So, if you've not yet taken a look at the RPGaggression exclusive discount Steve got you fine folks, you can check out the quality of the series now for free.

If you like what you're reading there,  please consider joining either the Questhaven patronage project or the Japanese-inspired horror setting Kaidan Rite Publishing is trying to start right now.

Another little update: Spes Magna's "worst" file, Gazae et Monstri is now also available for free and you might get some nice ideas out of that one.

That's it for now, 

Endzeitgeist out.

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