New and Exciting #13: Iron GM Hits Neoncon

Well an awful lot of new and exciting has slammed around behind the scenes. As you've no doubt noticed Dark Mistress and Endzeitgeist joined RPGAggression as staff reviewers. With the three of us reviewing the new and noteworthy, we aim to keep you all fairly up to date on the state of RPGs. I plan to shift my area of review focus mostly (but not entirely) to non-d20 based systems to further broaden the covered spectrum.

New and noteworthy on my plate include work on two new Pathfinder projects. One is a monster book. The other is an adventure. Both are noteworthy in ways *shakes fist* my NDAs prevent me from discussing. *cue boos and hisses* Finally, the possibility of another Call of Cthulu scenario with Super Genius Games has arisen. It'll be a while as everyone at SGG and yours truly are swamped with other projects, but we're talking - and planning and scheming and slowly spreading our cult until the day comes and Ia! Ia!

So much uncertainty in my RPG future, but here is something absolutely set in stone: I'll be joining Iron GM on the road and hitting Las Vegas for Neoncon Nov. 4th - 7th! For those of you unfamiliar, Iron GM is the national tournament that turns adventure-making into competitive sport. The Iron GM host reveals three secret ingredients and based on them, GMs fight to give players the game of a lifetime. Every time someone
6rolls a natural 20, the whole table shouts Bonzai! and the Iron GM team anoints the holy one with necklaces of dice. Other hilarious shenanigans ensue.

I've been involved with this event for years, and it's serious fun. So serious in fact that it's gone national and Neoncon will send the winner, all expenses paid, to Gen Con Indy 2011 to compete for the title. And Iron GM is giving out thousands of dollars in prizes. For real. Thousands of dollars in prizes - a chunk of it showered on players just for playing - and a free trip to Gencon for playing 3.5 OGL and being the hottest GM in town.

And one added little bonus: since I'm the new host of this shebang, come to Neoncon and you'll see what I look like in person in that awesome, completely orange tuxedo - only bald. Hope to see you there playing and judging or GM'ing and competing. We'll have a blast!

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