Bodyguards for PFS#8: Slave Pits of Absalom

Paizo recently published my first Pathfinder Society adventure (PFS#8: Slave Pits of Absalom), which is very exciting for me. Some discussions on the boards, however, revealed people also have a desire to play with the adventure outside Pathfinder Society organized play; for example, in a home campaign.

I decided to post some of those ideas and elements here (instead of at Paizo), in order to avoid confusing this material with anything official. So let me be clear: NOTHING IN WHAT FOLLOWS IS AUTHORIZED, ENDORSED, OR OTHERWISE SUPPORTED BY PAIZO. AND NONE OF THESE IDEAS OR MATERIALS ARE FOR USE IN PFS OR ORGANIZED PLAY. This has nothing to do with Paizo, because I’m just a freelancer. I’m not employed by Paizo. This is just me posting up some cool stuff for people to play around with at home. Also, this post will make little sense unless you already own PFS#8: Slave Pits of Absalom.


Ok, disclaimers aside, what came up on the Paizo message boards was that Montalve wondered why Pardu Pildapush didn't have any bodyguards.

Originally, there were bodyguards, but for a variety of reasons they were removed in editing. Here is an excerpt from the pre-development submission, which includes the bodyguards (context, behavior and stat blocks). Have fun!

Word document with non PFS encounter variant.


Montalve said...

ouch, pretty cool sisters... but definitively they could easily kill a group of 1st level chars and lay waste to one of 2nd level

still the concept is a good one, thanks for the reference :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ernesto,

At Tier 1 there is only one of these two. Only at Tier 2 are there 2 monks. So that gives an EL 3 at Tier 1 and an EL 5 at Tier 2.

Both at 1st level would devestate, true. One monk should be a hard challenge at level 1 and a fun, but easier challenge at level 2.

Either way, the monk should buy her employer enough time to escape out a window or some such -- and call for the guards.

The pre-development version had a different (ultimately non-canon) conception for the slave pits and so winding up chasing Pardu there would have been awesome fun and, so, an acceptable outcome.

Montalve said...

thanks, i thought both were there

ahhh ok that explains the changes
while cannon one is pretty much what i am looking, i will be trying to use mostof Absalom as it appears in the Guide to Absalom in due to December

I will have to see how it works, i expect to play this on the weekend

a 3 characters party with somehelp ofa cleric of Calistria... but mostly a Swashbuckling & Heroic Bardss (disguise, mask and the posse), a newby city guard and a Andoran barbarian, uncovering the secrets of slave trade for his masters in the Eagle Knights

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Let me know how it goes.

Montalve said...

in te forum i left you what happened
at least half of the afventure... 5 hurs and they were unable to go farther :P