Fire as She Bears: Latest and Greatest

Hey all, just a quick update on the FaSB progress. The Second Draft is done. This is an early but important milestone. All the notes, straggling material, stuff without a home, development comments and requirements, last minute changes etc. are in one document, organized and labeled.

The earliest stages are always the most time consuming, but to give an idea of the how I see the stages of development for this manuscript

1. Manuscripts turned in
2. Lead designer selected and design brief communicated
3. First draft
- lead designer synthesizes multiple manuscripts
- lead designer adds material
- lead designer bounces first draft back and forth with developer
4. Second draft
- developer reorganizes and reshapes first draft
- developer ties up all extraneous concepts, makes decisions, cuts and snips
5. Third draft
- developer fleshes out text
- editor polishes text to playtest level
6. Playtesting
7. Fourth draft
- developer revises manuscript based on playtest results
- art orders written and submitted
- editor polishes text for proofreaders
- proofreaders proof text, editor applies changes
8. Gold Draft goes to Layout
9. Manuscript ready for sale

Technically art orders get generated and submitted throughout the multiple drafts as the inclusion of various pieces become certain beyond the possibility of later revision. The cover, too, can start much earlier (and should).

That said, the TOC is starting to shape up as is the length. The current length is 25k words. It certainly won't remain this way, but here's how its starting to look:
Introduction: Battle on the High Seas
     Why This Book?
     Principles and Limits of Play
     Die Notation
     Example of Play
Building a Ship
     1—Select and Place Locations
     2—Determine Base Ability Scores
     4—Recruiting Crew
     5—Calculate Ship Attributes
Additional Rules
Special Attacks

Gamemastering Naval Battle
Colorful NPCs
Magic Items
Optional Rules

Appendix I – Player Reference Sheet
Appendix II – Ship Record Sheet
Appendix III – Sample Ships
Appendix IV – Ship Names

More updates as the manuscript progresses. Game on!

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